Saturday, July 28, 2012

All in the line of duty...

I sustained my first postal injury today.

Perhaps I was distracted by the guy in his underwear, 

or maybe it was the thick stack of colorful envelopes and intriguing return addresses,

but as I was leaving the post office I managed to walk straight into the corner of the building, scraping off a sizeable chunk of skin from my right leg.  It was totally worth it, because I got 16 postcards for my monochromatic post-card swap, a letter from Emilie, and the motherlode of gum from Gina 

besides, it's nothing  a Snoopy band-aid can't fix.

If you want to see the amazing contents of those envelopes, go over to Mail Me Some Art.


  1. ooh, a postal brave, brave girl! ;-)

  2. Good to see you back, even if it is minus a chunk of skin. Like them all, but particularly the round one. It makes me think of the old joke 'I'll do that when I get a round tuit.'. So is that round one your Round Tuit?

  3. Remember Mercurochrome? That band aid made me think of that stuff. lol postal injury, lol

  4. A guy in underwear can do that to a girl :P

  5. Poor booboo! But totally understandable given what you were looking at! :)

  6. Hysterical!!! PS your bookmarks below are STUNNING

  7. This is very sad. Did you put neosporin on it? Did you clean it out throroughly with water and rubbing alcohol?! What if there were bits of grit in it?! You don't want that scabbing over! Did you put merthiolate on it?!?!?!?!?!?! This is not something to laugh about, I don't care how cool your band-aid is! (And it is.)

    you may actually need an enema.

  8. :) Love your bandaid, hope your leg is on the improve. What a stash of mail to pick up!!

    I also think you should post if you go the enema may make all the difference to not losing your leg.

    Just saying...out of concern, and blog post ideas! :D

  9. You are showing your commitment to mail art- even bodily harm won't keep you from putting art first!